• Barbora Sýkorová

You know that feeling of real happiness? I think I've just experienced it.

All my life I was fighting with my stressed body that didn't know how to relax well and live in the presence, I couldn't feel the grounding and always thought about future, everything had to be planned.

And so my trip to Brazil had to be planned as well. The idea was to fly to the northeast to Salvador and continue by bus more and more to the center of South America, visit Pantanal, Foz do Iguacu, and continue to Rio de Janeiro.

The problem is that we want to see a lot. We think 'maybe I will not have an opportunity later' or 'when I go there, I have to visit as many places as possible'. But the true about this is, if you always run, you don't enjoy or get sick.

First stop was Salvador. We stayed several days and continued by bus to Chapada Diamantina. From there, we lost two days because of travelling to Brasilia by bus. Of course, with the feeling of a strong woman and adventurer, I thought I can do it, no problem, will be fun! However, another stop became Campo Grande, 25 hours on the bus. There, I said no. My back started to hurt again, my head hurt from the bus, I was tired, every three days loosing minimum one day by travelling to the other destination with passion to see a lot.

Another aspect was that I couldn't imagine, how cold can Brazil be. When I got to Brasilia, I slept in all clothes I had. It was 12°C at night, and guess what, no heatings inside the house. The houses were just not prepared for winter. Why? Good question, it is cold every winter.

So with cold and a tiring feeling from the bus, we decided to cancel our plan to continue to the south. Another day, as crazy people, we bought tickets back to northeast, to Fortaleza. As Czech girls, we didn't want to loose one summer by going to winter in other country!

We wanted to enjoy summer too and didn't want to wear a jacket in Brazil and staying in 1°C in the south.

So we used some time in Fortaleza to relax and bought tickets to Jericoacoara, where I felt that feeling which I've wished to reach on my trip in Brazil.

1) First time in my life, I wasn't in a hurry.

2) First time in my life, I saw sky full of stars

3) First time in my life, I saw a falling star

4) First time in my life, I learnt to listen to my body - when it is tired, I go to sleep, when I feel like, I wake up.

5) First time in my life, I enjoyed waking up daily at 5 am

6) First time in my life, I walked every morning before breakfast

7) First time in my life, I rode a horse

8) First time in my life, I enjoyed all small things

9) First time in my life, I could walk just barefoot

10) First time in my life, I was far from the city - between sea and sand, and felt so happy

11) First time in my life, I wasn't addicted to things (I have just a few pieces of clothes and almost no cosmetics here, no computer,...)

12) First time in my life, I felt grounded

13) First time in my life, I could see that sunrise is more beautiful than sunset

14) First time in my life, I didn't have any problem to pack or get ready

15) First time in my life, I didn't think about going shopping.

And where did you find your piece of paradise?!

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