• Barbora Sýkorová

Love yourself the way you are

My hair could be thicker. My eyes could be brown. My face could be sharper. My skin could by cleaner. My brows could be fuller. My nose could be thinner. My lips could be fuller. My teeth could be straighter and whiter. My arms, belly and legs could be stronger. My nails could be stronger……… What are your biggest concerns about your body? Why would we ever want to look different? Why would we want to look like someone else? The beauty starts from inside. We reflect it outside. We can’t be beautiful outside without being nice inside. Why would we ever want to change anything on ourselves? We are beautiful just the way we are. That look makes us ourselves. That is us. We all can be beautiful outside… if we start to love ourselves and be beautiful inside. Ask yourself a question: What do you love on yourself? On your personality and body? I love my thin hair. I love my blue eyes. I love my rounder face. I love my skin although it could be better. I love the shape of my nose. I love my thin lips. I love my vampire teeth. I love my body and its proportions. I love my nails. I love myself for who I am. I accept myself the way I look. Because if I ever change anything, it wouldn’t be me anymore. I want to have a happy life and to love every detail on myself to enjoy my life. I don’t want to spend my life criticizing myself and trying to look different. Give the love to yourself and it will come back to you by reflecting your beauty and satisfaction to the world. We all are perfect. Embrace yourself and be #gratefullyfeliz

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